All the insurance policies that we issue is supported nationally by the reinsures



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Our company is glad to provide insurance coverage to all the activities mentioned and more you can contact us on the following :

Iraq Baghdad alkarada khareg next door to aliraqia money transfer company opposite alhendia club locality / 903 St./15 -  house/ 64.

 Mobile : (+964)7704847681




Al-Yamama Insurance Co. 

    Al-Yamama Ins. Co. was established in the year 2012 with a capital found (15,000,000,000 ) billion IQD and gained its license from the Minatory of Financial Affairs / Insurance office to practice all kinds of insurance according to the insurance law no. ( 10 ) for the year 2005 which regulates the insurance business in Iraq.

The company was established by inspiring businessmen interested in banking business.

The company started its marketing plan in the same year it was established in by offering its insurance services and risk management and also providing a specialized staff in industrial and oil businesses.

The company also provide the insurance protection for money, assets, disability , death , sickness , international health insurance and all kinds of liabilities.


Organizational structure for Al- Yamama insurance Co.

1- Chairman of the board of directors.

2- Members of the board of directors which are five and the same in reservation.

3- Managing director of the company.

4- Vice managing director.

5- And the following divisions:

a) Technical division: which perform the subscriptions for all kinds of insurance and issuing .

b) Reinsurance division: which reinsure all the insurance policies according to international and local agreements with other companies.

c) Admin division: which is responsible of the human recourses in the company.

d) Accounting division: which is responsible of the financial competence in the company.

e) Legal division: which is responsible of the legal affairs in the company

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