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Our company is glad to provide insurance coverage to all the activities mentioned and more you can contact us on the following :

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Types of insurance

1.Engineering insurance which includes :

a)Insuring all contractor risks: which covers all the risks that the- civil engineering projects are exposed to from start to finish reaching to maintenance.

b)All installation risks: which is about all the risks that the industrial projects exposed to during installation .

c)Machinery break down : which includes all the risks that cause a break down to machinery and equipments of the project in all different types and there is also a coverage for other kinds of insurance like boilers explosion and food corruption.-


2.Marine insurance: which includes insuring goods transportation against all risks in land and air and sea from all the ports in the world to the Iraqi ports and then to the stores in the provinces of Iraq via car ,- trains or airplanes.


3.Ships & airplanes insurance: which includes the civil liability for ship structures and airplanes structures of the risk of fire and crashing in the air or sea .- 


4.Property & money insurance: insuring against fire, explosions, strike and profit loss because of the risks mentioned above.


5.Cars insurance: insuring against crashing accidents, fire, theft and liability against others.


6.Agricultural insurance: which includes the damages that the crops and livestock caused by natural elements and all the risks that agriculture is effected by like diseases and animal death .


7.General accidents insurance: which includes


- Personal accidents individual or group in the case of death or injury or disability because of a violent accident or terrorist attacks .

- Group health insurance which includes paying for surgery caused by accident according to the conditions and terms agreed on internationally .

- Theft insurance which includes the loss or damage caused by theft.

- Cash insurance which includes indemnity for the loss of cash which belongs to him or which he is responsible of because of fire or theft during transportation of the cash or during keeping it in a safe .

- Insuring honesty insurance which includes the indemnity for the insured for the losses which happens to the cash that is in the possession of his employees or agents because of neglect or profession errors .

- Civil insurance liability which includes the indemnity of the funds which the insured is obliged to pay to others because of his neglect or error or one of his staff or agents or because of profession errors.

- Employer liability insurance which includes the indemnity of the funds which must be paid to his employees during work related accidents.

8.All kinds of accidents like theft , dishonesty , employer liability and group & individuals accidents.

9.Health insurance in Europe and the rest of the world.



The company has a specialized staff for oil insurance beginning from the discovering phase to production phase refinement phase in addition to a specialized staff in energy insurance.


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